Gezary Matuda, The Newest World Champion Black Belt

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Gezary Matuda, the newest world champion black belt talks about her origins and her fights at this year's Worlds.

"I am from the city of Curitiba, Paraná. I started training jiu jitsu with Professor Alexandre Penao at Carlson Gracie in Curitiba and four years ago, I started training at the American Top Team academy in Florida. The workouts are grueling, my training partners do not relieve any pressure even if I cry (laughs).
I have excellent teachers who have me drill specific training before competitions.

I am very grateful to my husband Katel Kubis, Master Ricardo Liborio, Marcus da Matta "Parrumpinha", Junior Fernandes, Bruninho Bastos and Jonatas Gurgel ‘’Tagarela’’. None of this would be possible without their help.

I did all my camp for the Worlds knowing that it would not be easy, starting with the lack of support and sponsorship, followed by some injuries, but these are obstacles that most athletes have. At these times you stop and think if it is really what you want, then you will overcome and go after your dreams. The problems eventually become small, when you do what you love.

I was coming from a loss in at the Panams. I believe this has made me train more.

I only trained with men

I only trained with men, but now with the growth of jiu jitsu female, girls are thronging the mats! I'm loving being able to count with the help of Jenna, Ryan and Katy and more than 10 girls who are very warlike and help me at ATT.
But still most of my training is done with men, who are my teammates and also competed at the Worlds. There's Zach (blue belt), the brothers Mahecha (brown belts). They helped my jiu jitsu and keep me getting better!

The IBJJF World Championship is the most anticipated evento in the world of jiu jitsu. The dream of every fighter is to be world champion.
2013 was my first year with the black belt. I did 3 fights to win that title, the girls are in a very high technical level. All very experienced and well prepared.
My first opponent was the Sofia Amarante, a fighter and a sensational person. We have already had some tough fights previously and at Worlds was no different. For me it was the most important, we had a busy fight, but taking care not to make any mistake. At this level a small mistake can be costly. I followed the strategy that had been prepared before the fight and threw the omoplata guard and attacking triangle until I caught her into an armbar.

I fought the semi final against Miriam Cardoso. We pull guard together, but I came on top and tried to pass her guard which is very good and dangerous. I managed to pass, she turned around and I managed to catch her arm and finished the armbar.

The final against Nyjah Easton was hard. This was the fourth time that we faced. I managed to win three times, so we already know each other's game. To every fight she comes with a different strategy and this time she went all in the final minute. I prefer when she loosen up the game and make the fight busy, but at the final of the Worlds, you can't be too careful. She pulled spider guard and I managed to make 4 advantages trying to pass. She made two advantages.

This was the greatest achievement of my career. I thank God because without him nothing is possible ...
I am very happy with the result, it is a great achievement and the realization of a dream! "