Favorites of Brazilian Nationals 2014

Written by William Burkhardt
Published on .

Check out this selection of photos of the favorites athletes that will be competing next week at the Brazilian Nationals in São Paulo.

Written by Bruno Tanque
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"Man, during my first fight, while I was stretching, I saw a piece of paper on the floor. I came in and I won the fight. In the in the second, third, fourth, fifth fights the sheet was also there. At the end I was lengthening and I didn’t saw the paper; I looked for it and I saw it was under Álvaro’s foot. I stood up, went over..."

Leo D'Avila on IBJJF, Atos and Modern Jiu-Jitsu

Written by William Burkhardt & Talita Alencar
Published on .

Leo D'Avila, one of IBJJF main referees and coach on the Atos team, talked to BJJPix about his career, his coming to California, his team, modern jiu-jitsu, competing in heavier divisions and crazy competitors.